Smart Ideas Biography

Smart Ideas Biography

Smart Ideas real name is Shakti Mishra.

Date of Birth

He was born on 20 August 1986.


Smart Ideas completed his schooling from Banjari, Bihar School.He did his graduation BE from Bal Vikash Vidyalaya.

Occupation: Transport Business


  • Smart Ideas brother name is Abhishek Mishra.He is married.
  • His wife name is Priyanka who completed BSc and is working in the same business.

Childhood Struggle Story

  • Smart Ideas belong to a poor family .
  • He went bangalore in 2003 for a job and found a job in a garment for 1500/month.
  • He didn’t had a home to sleep that time so he used to sleep on footpath for almost 8 months .
  • After that Shakti Mishra got a job in a transport company 1700/month .

Smart ideas Bio

  • In 2005 he continued his education.In the same transport company he got a part time job to clean the office in the morning for 800/month.
  • In 2009 he completed his education .
  • That time his salary was 18000/month as got many promotion because of his hardwork.
  • In between his mother passed away in 2007. 2009 Shakti left the job & started his own company.

YouTube Career

  • November 5,2016 started youtube.
  • Smart Ideas upload videos on business to help people understand the business model.
  • He was not aware of monetization on youtube for a long time and really didn’t find any struggle neither in business nor in Youtube.
  • He has got many videos with million views.


He shoots videos in samsung j7.

YouTube Income

  • In bangalore YouTube income is invested all in making videos as he travel a lot for videos.
  • His Approx YouTube income is 90k per month.

Video Editing

He still use movie maker for editing.

Inspiration Words

He wants to say us Simply one word that Everything is possible.

His videos help us in every business whether a man is poor or rich.He exposes those people who make fake videos on business.

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