Technology Gyan Biography

Technology Gyan Biography


Manoj Saru

Date of birth and place-

1994 Delhi

Name of School and address/place

DAV Delhi

Name of the college and place





Before starting the youtube channel he was neither having a dslr,mic nor wifi.He was only having a laptop and a 2G mobile.


He was very poor and was not having sufficient money to deposit his college fees.So he decided to search in google “How to earn money online”.He found that blogging is one of the way to earn money.So he started blogging.But at the end of his one month his income was 0 dollar.


So he again searched in google “how to earn money from home”.He found that YouTube is another way to earn money sitting in home.So he decided to open a YouTube channel Manoj Saru.


Manoj Saru YouTube Channel was an english channel.He uploaded hacking,software crack,tutorial videos and blogging videos.After uploading 10-15 videos his cracked software video was viral.He got 25000 to 3000 views from that video.He gained 5000 to 6000 subscribers from it.


After publishing 30-35 videos he got a community guidelines strike beacuse of hacking and crack software videos.this was illegal for Youtube.Thatswhy his monitization was disabled and after some days he got more 2 strikes and his channel was deleted.So after working 1 to 1.5 years his earning was $0.


He created his second YouTube channel on 17 november 2015 as Technology Gyan.He uploaded tech videos.He gets 10m views every month.


His YouTube income is Rs90000 per month.He gets 1M views from blogging and his income from this is Rs50000 per month.

Q.What do your friends and teachers say about your youtube channel when they see your videos?

Ans: They think that manoj has done something in life and they are really proud

Q.When your google adsense pin was verified?

in feb 2016

Q.What feelings come within u when someone depressed u see bad comments in youtube and in back what reply you give to them?

Ans : yes he feel bad and most of the time he ignore them ignore their comment and when he think he should reply to this comments he always reply Khus rahe aur dusro ko bhi khus rehne do.

Q.When you have completed 1 lakh subscribers?What is the date when you have got silver play button?

1Lakh Subscriber – 2016

Q.Which software for editing and making videos?

i use movie maker and camtaisa

Q.How much time u need for making 1video?

4Hour with editing shooting

Q.What message do you want to give to new youtubers and viewers?

Keep uploading great helpful and searchable content and be consistant in the starting phase dont think about subscriber views always think about content , content is the king and for this you dont need any laptop dlsr mic if you have passion want to make career on youtube then you can start with your mobile device.


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