Richa Sharma Dutt Biography

Richa Sharma Dutt was an Indian film performing artist known for her works in Bollywood.


Richa was born on 1963 in India however following couple of long periods of birth her parents moved to New York.


She was interested in film in her youth when she was ninth standard.She completed architecture in New York.


She initially met Sanjay Dutt at an introduction service of his film at inn Sea Rock in Mumbai.Though she didn’t see him much however he really liked her.


Richa met Bollywood on-screen character Sanjay Dutt, at a recovery in 1982.Sanjay Proposed to Richa in 1987 while he was shooting for a film in ooty.Richa was at first reluctant and requested at some point however Sanjay was eager and beset her with calls till she till she acknowledged his proposition.


Richa wedded performing artist Sanjay Dutt in New York City, United States in 1987. She passed on of a brain tumor in 1996. The couple has a little girl, Trishala Dutt born in 1988, who lives in the United States with her grandparents.


She came to visit Dev Anand at a film shoot needing to be his next courageous woman yet was excessively youthful. Dev guaranteed her he would cast her once she became more seasoned. He in the long run offered her a reprieve with Hum Naujawan in 1985. She went ahead to act in Anubhav and Insaaf Ki Awaaz in 1986 and in Sadak Chhap and Aag Hi Aag in 1987.


Trishala Dutt shared her mom’s last letter which read as “destination”.

“We as a whole walk together. Every one picks their own way. I picked mine. In any case, I am left in a deadlock road. How would I return? Do I get another possibility? Time tells all. I’ll hold up regardless of whether it takes long. I know somewhere inside it is extremely unlikely I’ll be abandoned. Regardless I have trust. My gatekeeper holy messenger will assume me some position where my fantasies will pause. They will welcome me in with their arms open with mind.”

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