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Mr. Indian Hacker is such a YouTuber who has expressed himself from chemistry, Science. He usually says others that titanium is present in the blood.


Mr. Indian Hacker real name is Dilraj Singh Rawat. He was born on 1 January 1996 in Ajmer,Rajasthan.


Mr. Indian Hacker loved science at a very young age. So he used to do experiments at his home. Therefore his parents were irritated at him. He loves to destroy things first to make a new one.

 Mr. Indian Hacker Name
Mr. Indian Hacker


As the time spent in doing these experiments, so he thought that as people are showing their talent by making videos on YouTube.Therfore as he was doing those experiments at home then why not he would make videos on YouTube.He thought this would reach to people and people would support him.Then they will not make fool of him. So he decided to make a YouTube channel name Mr. Indian Hacker and started making videos in it.

 Mr. Indian Hacker real name


His first video was about how to open the lock without the key on 23 january 2017. At the starting of his YouTube career, he used to post such videos which people did not like it. But after some time he made the videos in a systematic manner. Therefore people loved his videos. Then Mr. Indian hacker thought that he would do more better because people liked his work.


As per 18 March 2019, he got 3.3 M subscribers. He said that this is because of the support of his viewers.


On Novemeber 2018, he had participated in India’s Got Talent which is a show in colours. He also got selected. He got yes from all the three judges.

 Mr. Indian Hacker on colors


He has another YouTube channel named Dilraj Singh in which he posts vlogs and about his personal life.


Dilraj Singh Rawat also said that he does these experiments by taking his own risks because he wants to tell the audience what will be the solutions of these experiments. But he wants to tell us not to try these experiments in their life.


So you must have understood that these experiments have benefits to our life.

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