Arpinder Singh Biography

Arpinder Singh Biography


Arpinder Singh was born on 30 December 1992 in Harsha Chhina,Amritsar, Punjab, India who is an Indian triple jumper.

2014 Commonwealth Games

He likewise got a bronze medal in the game in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. He is supported by Anglian Medal Hunt Company, an organization that backings youthful Indian atheletics towards universal aggressive achievement, with a particular aim for the Olympics.

2014 National Inter-State Championships

In June 2014, Singh beat his past best of 16.84 meters by hopping 17.17 meters at the 2014 National Inter-State Championships in Lucknow. Simultaneously, he beat the national record beforehand held by Renjith Maheshwary and furthermore qualified for the 2014 Commonwealth Games where he won the bronze medal.The record was again broken by Maheshwary in 2016.

2018  Asian games

On August 29,2018 which is celebrated as National Sports Day in India he won gold award in triple jump occasion in eighteenth Asian games.He secured 16.77 meters to sack the gold medal.He turned into the second Indian sportsperson to accomplish this landmark.Before him Mohinder Singh Gill won gold award in triple hop occasion in 1970 Bangkok Asian games.


Asian Games

Gold award – first place 2018 Jakarta Triple hop

Asian Championships

Bronze award in 2013 Pune Triple hop

Commonwealth Games

Bronze award in 2014 Glasgow Triple hop

Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games

Gold award  in 2017 Ashgabat

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